Hi! My name is James. You may know me under the alias Dr. Underscore.


I’ve been programming for almost 10 years, particularly with experience in Java, C++, and C#. These are the languages that I do most of my work in, however personal projects are almost always in C++.

I’m an organization member of Pryaxis, a group of developers who create open-source software such as TShock for Terraria.

I spend a good amount of time contributing to open-source software. You can check out my GitHub to see what I’ve done recently.


I’ve been a system administrator for a few years, running dedicated and virtualized servers hosting games and resources. I run the Fireside Casts production server, a Minecraft server for a lovely private community, and the web server and game server for Terraria Hardcore Challenge.

Livestream Production

Team Fortress 2

I’m a producer for teamfortress.tv and Fireside Casts. I’ve done work with RESUP.GG, EssentialsTF, CappingTV, and Seasonalander in the past.

I’ve created software and tools specifically made to aid in observation and broadcast of TF2. These tools are private, but do not hesitate to get in contact if you wish to learn more.

How should I get in contact?

If you’d like to be formal and official, or are offering me a job: Email me
Otherwise, message me on Discord, you’ll get a quicker response: Dr. Underscore#2918